Home Selling Tips

  • Clean: Clean the top of the trim and light switches. Clean appliances, especially those that generally come with a house. Clean window sills, window tracks, and sliding door tracks. Clean everything you can think of, then look for more to clean.

  • Light bulbs: Find every single light bulb that is either out, or doesn’t match the others in a room. Under cabinet lighting and the lighting under oven hoods count here. Check outside light bulbs as well.

  • De-cluttter: Centerpieces are good, mail and random clutter is bad. Find a place for it that is out of the way for showings. Artwork from kids is great, as long as it isn’t drawn on walls or cabinets.

  • Temporarily downsize: If there is any large furniture in hallways or rooms that can be stored in the garage, store it. Use this as an excuse to get rid of unwanted or unused furniture. Is the garage too cluttered? Hold a garage sale.

  • Paint: Neutral colors are best for listing a house. Are there any rooms that have purple, pink, orange paint, or anything else that might turn a potential buyer off? Off-white, eggshell, beige, light blue or light green is better for selling a home. Neutralize the rooms if you have time.

  • Inspection: If you are planning ahead and have the time and money, pay for an inspector. An inspection is a normal addendum for most buyers’ offers. You may be able to cheaply mitigate issues before they become costly negotiation points after the seller’s home inspector points them out.

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